Month: August 2014

Tougher Sanctions for Suspended Drivers

This article was originally posted in 2010  As of December 1st 2010, the Ontario Government and the Ministry of Transportation have implemented another part of the Road Safety Act, 2009. This part of the Road Safety Act, has to do with the impounding of vehicles which are being driven by suspended drivers. In short this […]

Fire Hydrants, Parking Tickets and You

Over the last 6 years Toronto fire hydrants racked up 24 million in tickets. Want to learn about parking tickets and your options? TCS Legal is here to help

The Magic G

One of the most underrated things as far as driving goes in Ontario is that of a G license. Many people get their G1 or G2 and are happy driving on those not knowing the costs they cause themselves inadvertently. What can G do for you? Let’s see…