Month: January 2019

EXTRA EXTRA READ all about it!! LTB permitting service of some documents via email when form signed.

Recent changes to the Rules of Procedure, Forms and Guidelines at the Landlord Tenant Board have changed the way business may be done for a lot of Landlords. Update JANUARY 26, 2018 – LTB has corrected a “clerical error” and service of 24 hour NOTICES OF ENTRY CAN BE POSTED ON UNIT DOORS AGAIN..….. LANDLORDS […]

Contracts, Contractors and Home Owners

Contracts, Contractors And Homeowners Legal observations on the ins and outs of home renovations Small Claims Court sees a lot of home repair or renovation disputes.  A lot. And the parties are frequently caught unaware, home owner and contractor alike, by the way the Law and the Court view their business arrangement.   The most […]