Small Claims

Making a legal claim, or responding to one, can be an overwhelming experience for those who are not familiar with the court system. There are all these weird forms, odd terminology and rules to follow – even in the relatively ‘informal’ Small Claims Court.

It doesn’t have to that way!

My job is to arm you with the knowledge and representation to successfully navigate the court process, helping in areas such as:

  • Understanding the legal process – from start to finish – in clear, simple terms;
  • Evaluating the possibility of obtaining a favourable court judgement;
  • Assess the likelihood of successfully enforcing a judgement;
  • Defending yourself from a claim;
  • Making an informed decision about pursuing legal actions and representation.

I am being sued by someone! (I am the Defendant)

Book your no obligation consultation now!!    Bruce Parsons will sit down and go over the situation with you and what he can do to help – and how you can help defend yourself if appropriate. While Small Claims court is much less formal then other courts there are still rules such as serving your defense, disclosure and other pieces that you should know.

I want to sue someone! (I am the Plaintiff)

Small Claims Court goes up to $35 000 and there are a lot of peculiarities in the process. Bruce can provide you some help in finding your own way or providing expert representation.

I have Judgement on someone – how can I enforce it?!

Often in Small Claims Court, winning the case isn’t the end of the situation. Enforcing judgement can take additional court orders or special actions taken. Bruce has years of experience in getting judgement enforced and knows the rules and options available.